Sunday, February 13, 2011

the magic of speeding

kind of slipped while driving a while back.. got caught speeding

ruined my night, of course.  but this is not to say i didn't have it coming.

i do have a bit of road rage and I like to drive fast, it makes me feel like i'm more in control.

i know it's dumb and dangerous, so i try hard not to go over the speed limit too much when i'm in a hurry.

I enrolled in online traffic school, and it's actually interesting.  Some parts are boring but it seems ok for the most part so far.

anyways people, don't speed and get caught OR you'll be entertained with traffic school

oh, and you probably reduce your chances of dying but meh. (kidding)


  1. took a wrong turn once, ended up with a €250 speeding ticket, 2 km/h faster and id have lost my licence...

  2. I drive like an old lady. Im not in a rush to get anywhere.

  3. More people are interested in avoiding the fine than staying safe... Since outlawing texting while driving accidents have gone up cause now people are trying to hide their iphone as they do it.

  4. Yeah it's like that everywhere, just got to be patient will driving.

  5. Traffic school blowwwwwwwwwwssssssss