Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I should be more conscious of who I trust.

Not a lot of people realize the fact that they neglect those who really care about them.

Let's pretend you were the person that was giving a loved one some advice.  You know you're important to them and that person also knows you feel the same way about him/her.   You spend a long time trying to provide them with helpful information to consider. You get into detail about everything in hopes that they trust your advice is from the heart, which to you, is the truth.

You stand by and watch them ignore the advice time after time. 

Somehow, you notice that they finally take your advice.  Shocked, you asked them what changed their mind.. or why they're starting to do what you said.

They reply with something like "oh (insert non important persons name here) said it'd be the right thing".

RAAAAAGE!! (cause you told them to do the same exact thing but they disregarded it until someone else told them the same thing)

Should you be mad? HELL YES.

Why do people ignore the ones that really care?  Why do they take another persons word over yours?

I'm guilty of it.  It has happened to me multiple times.

This is why I plan to prioritize people whom I ask advice from by how strong our relationship is.  More than likely, they're telling you the truth.


  1. yeah, the worst is when they look you right in the eye and tell you you're right, then go ahead and completely ignore your advice. Had a close friend that did that shit all the time, pissed me right off.

  2. im inclined to agree :/ that sucks bro

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    and yes, be more conscious of who you trust

  4. It was told to me once to let go of advice once you give it. People tend to fight what's best for them when they are not ready to give up their vice. Sometimes it is best to stand up and say 'No, I'm not going to deal with your problems until you deal with them.'

  5. My Mother does this to myself and my fiancee' constantly. It really creates a rift between us--and of course, it puts him off. It's as if the advice we give, the information we share, isn't valid until some 'unbiased' third party says it somewhere else. You'd think she'd trust her loved ones far more, but clearly that's not the case. Rage indeed.

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  7. don't trust anyone on the Internet