Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'd write my thoughts somewhere.

having your life out there is pretty crazy.

you have to watch everything you do. EVERYTHING.

there are times when i just don't want to:
  • watch what i'm doing
  • care what people think
  • edit all my posts
  • use correct grammar
  • be a little less than myself.
i'm surprised I didn't make this outlet sooner. hopefully this one will stay anonymous so that I can seriously just write from my mind without having to worry that someone I know will expose this to the world.

i am me. me is i. you are here. thanks for reading. thanks for caring.

just.. thanks for whatever reason you're here.

unless you're trollin!

1 comment:

  1. brother, the world didnt use to be like it is.
    there was a time when your actions and words didnt have to be censored.
    where people.
    i am one of those thorns in the worlds side
    i refuse to obey their rules
    their ways of dressing
    their ways of acting
    but i alone cannot change things
    and sooner or later they will pin and oppress me
    but people like you, that realise and grow angry because of their cage
    you will do something
    you will join forces with others like you
    and you will change the world.
    just never give up hope
    because hope is like breath
    shortly after it ceases so does the body.
    good day to you my friend
    and thank you for being you.