Friday, September 10, 2010

I really hate the school system

Sometimes I feel like school is just wasting my time.  An intelligent way for them to get rich and leave me broke.

Sure, I can learn a lot about whatever I plan on majoring in but is it really necessary to take all of these general education classes.

I'm graduating soon, I've completed all the useless GE classes, and honestly, I feel like I've been ripped off.

Seems like nowadays, even getting a degree is useless.  I know it may not be true but why is it that a majority of people I know are often left having to go back home to live with their parents for a while until they can manage to make a decent living to become independent?

I know a lot of you out there can tell me all sorts of reasons why I should continue school and how it's beneficial.

You can agree with me but what I really need is inspiration/motivation, so if you have any to give, please do. No bull please.


  1. this is why even while pursuing my degree in computer science i keep building my experience in other things on the side. you can only trust your education to yourself

  2. school gives you a piece of paper telling you that you went to school. It's broken. I know a lot of college grads who are complete morons and high school drop outs that have more intelligence than most. good rant.

  3. There's not a price on socialization. :D

  4. The degree is just paper. Your will to learn and better yourself is the key to success.

  5. hmm.. don't be so pessimistic, it'll pay off in the end <3

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  7. Supporting... And yeah, the school system is terrible.

  8. The degree is a piece of paper that tales people you have some type of formal training. What you really gain from the schooling is a unique experience and a network of contacts for the future.

    Neither are necessary, but they both make it much easier to pursue loftier financial goals.

  9. network of contacts < agree

    people just miss their mom.


  10. The American school system just looks so much easier than over here

    Just showing my daily love

  11. school is a waste of time, just get the paper from the dean and enjoy your wage raise

  12. its still an advantage at most places. im a sophomore and i still dont know what to do, and my parents have basically told me they dont like my chosen major of philosophy.

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  15. Great post .
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  16. public education caps your creative ability, go for the high score!!

  17. If you choose to fail, you will never succeed at anything again. Feelin motivated???

  18. It might not seem worth it now, but later you'll see.

  19. well gen ed classes are like a standard for this being at this level of education. otherwise they'd just be a trade school. and they're not as useless as you think. there are like hidden practical lessons in them. like math. when are you going to actually need to solve for X? never thats when. but math is the basics for logical and critical thinking. they've given you a set of tools and now its up to you and your imagination to use them in whatever way you can possibly think of

  20. my friend, it seems that our fates our quite tangled, i posted a rant of something similar,
    however i doubt highly that by reading it it would motivate you. xD
    I can give you the truth about why school is necessary,
    but it wont help you wanna stay
    and you are correct about classes wasting your time,
    and as Einstein so cleverly put it
    "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
    but alas to be legitimate, you must waste your time to get your degree,
    and as Azurebalmung(love the game btw xD) and a few others said Its to get a paper that says you went through hours of listening and writing(and occasionally hands on work) to learn that skill.
    when outside of school you can learn so much by yourself, if you can find the information, and check your references.
    unfortunately anything you learn outside of school isn't counted legally (but still adds to your overall knowledge ;D)
    (ill start with the positive stuff now XD)
    if what you learn is something you love doing
    , then whether your certified or not youll end up making money(maybe just not the Lawful Good way =D
    and dont knock school completely cause it does help with one thing, cramming all that worthless crap into your head creates more space for you to fill up with useful knowledge once you forget everything from school xD
    sorry if my post long winded, im sorta eccentric if you haven't noticed, also the above(beside where already noted) is my own personal view, no real facts, just something that might be worth noting before your take the words into account,
    okay, i said enough
    will be checking in often.
    good day friend

  21. will support and follow daily <3

  22. european school system is worst.
    showing some daily love.

  23. Well that's because getting a degree actually is mostly pointless.