Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is it really that wrong to be truthful to children?

Before you think that I hate children or anything, I really don't!

Some kids are actually really nice except those ones that are extremely misbehaved and attack you with toys and bite your face. (this did not happen to me by the way, just saying)

I'm well aware that morally, you should refrain from being too truthful with children.  I completely understand that fact, but I feel like there's a certain point when you should somehow encourage them to excel in whatever it is that you keep lying to them about.

Let's take dancing for example.  You tell a kid to dance and they do.  Sure their wobbly arms and constant jumping may seem cute, but really.. IT SUCKS -- but you can't tell them that. You begin to encourage them over and over no matter how bad they are.  Then they build this extreme confidence and think they're really good when they aren't.

I'm laughing as I write this because the topic does sound really mean.. but I honestly feel that if you tell them in a way that doesn't make them cry or kill their dreams, it's okay to teach them/tell them the correct way of doing things.

Just don't be a jerk to them when you do correct them!

I really hope i'm not the only one that feels this way. *dies*


  1. don't worry, I feel that way too xD

  2. Yes, but that's the intrinsic failure (and allure) of lying. Making someone feel good about something they shouldn't.

    Why not make them feel good about something they should be proud of? Acknowledge the hard work, give praise for their drive. Lavish over their successes. Show them what needs work without diminishing their worth. Observe what the child responds to, adjust your praise accordingly.

    lol I totally thought u were going the Santa Claus route with this one.

  3. i have to say it depends really. don't outright lie and say you're the best ever and all that. but stuff like yea you're getting better and you did great. those things can be true. and maybe a lie by omission at best

  4. I totally get what you're saying and I agree.

  5. Always tell kids the truth, even if it hurts...that, or just don't say anything at all.
    Showin' mah daily support

  6. there will never be a straightforward answer to this question.. its just one of those things

  7. well i plan on keeping some of the mysterious wonder to the world,
    but instead of lying I have decided to bend the truth so that i dont set a bad example for my kids, and hopefully make it so they can enjoy life while they still can.
    Imma tell them that theres a man who comes every year to leave presents for good little kids, and steal/destroy presents if they were bad
    that way even as they grew up, and possibly found the "Man" (probably a best friend of mine ill pay to enter my house and put down presents) they wont have been lied too, only tricked.
    also for easter, imma tell them that eggs are transported from a far off location(a few citysw over ) and again have my buddy hide them around the yard and say they randomly showed up.

  8. You need to lie to children, that's just how it is. They are too young and innocent to know how the real world is. If people / parents didn't lie to their children, the world would be a worse place. I'm not talking about lying about everything, just certain things.

    Santa, Easter Bunny, "pictures / crafts", ect.

  9. It all depends on their age. The younger they are, the more you have to lie, I guess.