Friday, November 26, 2010

Constant Fapping May Make You Suck in Bed

Do you frequently masturbate?

You've probably learned from many sources that masturbation is actually healthy for you.

Although this is true, many individuals don't realize what affect this may have on their sex life...

If you rarely masturbate (lets say maybe once or twice a month) and have a healthy sex life, then this may not pertain to you.

If you're one of those people that masturbate daily, even more than once a day, you may be harming your sex life  in a very negative and embarrassing way.

Studies have shown that frequent masturbation weaken the dopamine response to the brain for sexual responsiveness.  In other words, you fap too much, you have a higher chance of failing when it comes to sex with an actual partner.

What happens exactly? Terrible things like being unable to achieve an erection when it comes to actual sex, and/or difficulty to stay hard (trust me, this sucks for both guy and girl).  Psychological damage due to the fact that you feel completely embarrassed at your fail attempt at sex may also happen and also increased anxiety about sexual acts with another human being may build up.

Many people begin to fap as a  habit.  It gets to the point where you're not fapping necessarily for pleasure but because it's just part of your daily routine.  Many people fail to realize this when it's actually at this point.

Fortunately for you guys, this is not a permanent thing and can actually be reversed!

How? The answer is simple, stop masturbating, stop looking at porn.  Easier said than done right?  I'm not saying to stop it completely, but definitely slow down with it.  You'll really thank yourself later.

Hopefully this helps a few of you guys who have experienced this and automatically believed you suffered from erectile dysfunction.  And to the virgins out there who believe that fapping daily will help you stay harder for a longer time, please listen to this advice before it's too late.

I'm writing this to help you guys out there out.  And to the ladies, if this affects you too, then feel free to refer your guy to this post.

When you feel content, go ahead and have the most fulfilling sex with your partner ever!


  1. masturbating surely has become part of my daily routine, and I have become concerned that it might cause me to have trouble getting an erection when I'm in a sexual relationship, but I just always thought of this as a good thing, since I can be sure that I won't cum in 5 seconds

  2. I just realized... it's probably the porn that causes the problems, not the fapping. The porn flushes our minds with such erotic images that, over time, desensitizes us, so we can't get turned on as much from reality.